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As a middle-aged author of middling talent, I find myself often working on amazing book projects and finding no way to share them with the world. Formatting issues abound in many writing programs and it’s totes hard for me to grok the difference between PDFs, mobis, and ePubs. That’s why PressBooks is so important.

The program, created by publishing innovator Hugh McGuire, is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to upload and publish a long-form piece of fiction or non-fiction. You create the front matter, add a cover page, and then flow in your chapters. Each chapter gets its own WordPress page complete with comments, and readers can download the entire book in almost any XML-compliant format.

“We’ve been relatively quiet on marketing, and have been focusing on trying to get something users love. We think we are there now, with a whole revamp of the code, and improvements…

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Surface? not so much. MacBook Air? pretty pretty please! Chromebook Pixel? could be, interested.


Google hasn’t always been known for making breathtaking hardware, but today’s announcement of the Chromebook Pixel — arguably one of the best-looking laptops ever made, if nothing else — means that may no longer be the case.

Still, you can’t be blamed for being wary of shelling out a decent chunk of money on Google’s first foray into laptops, let alone a Chromebook of all things, so here’s a preliminary look at how the Chromebook Pixel stacks up against two prominent rivals in the computing space: the stock version of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air and Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Google Chromebook Pixel comparison
*Note that we compared the base MBA and the surface Pro with upgraded storage, to establish a better baseline in terms of comparing more similar price points and spec load-outs. 

Versus the 13-inch MacBook Air


Compared to the base 13-inch MacBook Air, Google’s Pixel has a lot of similarities. It’s priced around the same…

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Interesting facts about a well known but hidden truth,,,

Promit's Ventspace

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This email was sent out to DirectX/XNA MVPs today:

The XNA/DirectX expertise was created to recognize community leaders who focused on XNA Game Studio and/or DirectX development. Presently the XNA Game Studio is not in active development and DirectX is no longer evolving as a technology. Given the status within each technology, further value and engagement cannot be offered to the MVP community. As a result, effective April 1, 2014 XNA/DirectX will be fully retired from the MVP Award Program.

There’s actually a fair bit of information packed in there, and I think some of it is poorly worded. The most stunning part of it was this: “DirectX is no longer evolving as a technology.” That is a phrase I did not expect to hear from Microsoft. Before going to “the sky is falling” proclamations, I don’t think this is a death…

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Come join us at the best distributed company! News

Merry band of comrades seeks nice, hard-working, diligent, motivated, fun-loving people to join their mission: to democratize publishing and make the best it can be. Work with us.

Last year at Automattic (’s parent company) we hired 48 people:

  • 19 developers/systems folk — those who write code and make sure servers are running.
  • 14 Happiness Engineers — those who support our users in the forums and answer requests for help.
  • 6 themers and designers who create beautiful themes and sites.
  • 8 in business and operations — those who work internally with Automatticians and with our VIPs.
  • 2 in editorial curating Freshly Pressed, and inspiring bloggers to keep on blogging.

We expect to hire 60 new Automatticians in 2013. We’re a distributed company: Automatticians work from home, their local coffee shop, co-working spaces — the location in the world where they’re most comfortable and productive. Our hiring pool…

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